Instrument Checkride Passed – Armin Monajemi

We are proud to announce Armin Monajemi has passed his Instrument checkride! Armin has been working diligently for the last month perfecting his approaches and instrument knowledge. We would like to thank CFII Dick Chang who put in many hours of instruction to get Armin up to standards and ready for the checkride. Great job gentleman!

Armin pass

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First Solo – Owen Leipelt!

Owen Leipelt and CFI Jason Brown

Owen Leipelt and CFI Jason Brown

Congratulations to Owen Leipelt who celebrated his 16th birthday with his first solo flight!

Owen's solo shirt

Owen’s solo shirt

Thank you to CFI Jason Brown, and CFI Elijah Young, who’ve all worked hard to help Owen reach his goal! Along with our CFIs and Owen’s family and friends, we’re happy to see this talented young man progress towards becoming a licensed pilot.

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AOPA Writes About Our Chief!

Something seems very right with the universe. Amelia Reid founded her flight school, Amelia Reid Aviation (now AeroDynamic Aviation) in 1960 because she wanted to have time for her son. Jennifer Delp Mallet gave up a career with the airlines and became a flight instructor for the exact same reason!

Fifty five years after its founding, Jen is now the Chief Instructor and co-owner of AeroDynamic Aviation, continuing the tradition of good old fashioned stick and rudder flight training. Jen loves flying and teaching in old taildraggers as much as in the latest glass cockpit carbon fiber wonder planes.


Read the AOPA article here

AeroDynamic has now opened up branches at Salinas and Monterey airports. We have hosted an AOPA Rusty Pilot Seminar at Monterey, and we are working with AOPA and Salinas Airport to help make the AOPA regional fly in a success in May.

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Private Pilot Checkride Passed – Serena Whelchel

Serena Whelchel after her successful checkride!

Serena Whelchel after her successful checkride!

Congratulations to our newest private pilot Serena Whelchel! After working hard with CFI Carol Tevebaugh for less than a year, she earned her license with DPE Linda Monahan.

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New Instrument Pilot – Mike Winer

Mike Winer began his pilot training with CFI Jen Delp-Mallet in late 2013. After receiving his private pilot license in August 2014, he began working toward his instrument rating in his newly acquired Cesssna 206 turbo with Garmin 1000. Mike passed his checkride first attempt on March 17. We’ve watched you grow into such a capable pilot! Congrats from all of us, Mike.

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Private Pilot Checkride Passed – Vasyl Petrushko

Private Pilot Checkride PAssed after flight training at AeroDynamic Aviation San Jose

Vasyl After the Checkride

We have a new certified pilot amongst us! Congratulations to Vasyl Petrushko who earned his Private Pilot certificate from Examiner Scott Rohlfing.

Well done Vasyl and AeroDynamic Instructor Zach Sacchette.

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First Solo – Bernard Guetermann

Congrats to Bernard Guetermann who waited out a foggy morning to get his chance to go solo! His successful flight was overseen by his watchful CFI, Tom Morley. Well done on your instructing Tom!

Bernard Guetermann

Bernard Guetermann

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