First Solo – Hao Dong

Congratulations to Hao Dong on soloing N61637! All of your hard work has paid off! Now it’s time to stretch your legs and embark on cross countries.

hao and coby

Hao Dong with CFI Coby Sena

hao shirt

It’s official!

Thank you to CFI Coby Sena for your great instruction!

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Tailwheel Endorsement – Michael Nuhn

Congratulations to Michael Nuhn on earning his tailwheel endorsement! Hailing from Germany, Michael wanted to enjoy some lovely California flying while learning what real flying is. As an adventurous man, he couldn’t help also learning and perfecting his aerobatic maneuvers.

Nuhn tw end

Michael Nuhn and CFI Jason Brown

Thank you to Sergey, Grainne, Jim, and Jason on your great instruction!

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First Solo – Dustin Liu

dustin landing

Congratulations to Dustin Liu on soloing N98485!

Thank you to his wife for the support and CFI Eric Curtis for your great instruction!

dustin wife Dustin Eric

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First Solo Flight – Paul Cain

Soloed Paul Cain with CFI Jaime Redding and

Soloed Paul Cain with CFI Jaime Redding and

Congratulations to Paul Cain on soloing N53456!  With his wife and daughter cheering him on, he was able to execute smooth landings. He’s excited to finish up his license so he can take his family up for a flight along the beautiful California coast line!

Thank you to Jaime Redding for all of your great instruction preparing Paul for this moment!

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New Instrument Pilot – Kat Hanlon

Kat 1

CFII Dick Chang, Kat Hanlon, and DPE Eric Cook after a successful Instrument checkride!

Thank you to everyone at AeroDynamic Aviation for your instruction, guidance, and support throughout my Instrument training!

A special thank you to Dick Chang, who patiently worked through my altitude deviations,  incomplete procedures, and messy DME arcs to get my skills up to standards.  Your time and energy throughout all of my training is much appreciated!

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Tailwheel Endorsement – Adam Sciupac

Sciupac tw

Adam is a real aviator now that he flies taildraggers!

Adam recently received his Private Pilot license in one of our Cessna aircraft.

Now, he’s flying high in the Citabrias and enjoying some real flying!

We should be celebrating his next accomplishment soon, as he is venturing into the world of instrument flying now.

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Another Cessna instructor turns to Tailwheel!

We’ve turned one of our Instrument instructors into a tailwheel pilot. The tailwheel fever is contagious at AeroDynamic Aviation!

Next stop – Acrobatics!

CFII Eric Curtis and CFII Andrew Marvin

CFI Eric Curtis and CFI Andrew Marvin

Job well done Eric!

Thank you to CFI Andrew Marvin for all of your hard work instructing CFI Eric Curtis!

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